My translations of primary sources from or about the Great War, available from Legacy Books Press.

By Ministère de la Guerre

438 pages

ISBN: 978-1927537-55-8

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$29.95 U.S.A.
£21.95 U.K.
€24.95 Europe
$38.95 Australia

“The French army, having returned to its traditions, no longer admits any other law in the conduct of operations than the offensive.”

Facing the threat of a new war with Imperial Germany, the French army began crafting a new military doctrine. Drawing on the skills, theories, and experience of military officers such as Louis Loyzeau de Grandmaison and Joseph Joffre, it would have to be powerful yet flexible, embracing modern technology while not leaving behind fighting spirit, and above all else, aggressive.

Available in its entirety in English for the very first time, this is the French army’s doctrine of 1913 – an attempt to forge a modern doctrine for a modern battlefield, and with which France would face the crucible of the First World War.

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By Louis Loyzeau de Grandmaison

185 pages

ISBN: 978-1927537-51-0

$22.95 Canada
$17.95 U.S.A.
£13.95 U.K.
€15.95 Europe
$23.95 Australia

Available for the first time in English

Staff officer, author, reformer – Louis Loyzeau de Grandmaison was one of France’s foremost military thinkers prior to the Great War. Facing him was the ultimate challenge: how to win a war in the 20th Century.

A key text in what would become known as the Cult of the Offensive, this is Grandmaison’s attempt to implement the lessons of the Boer and Russo-Japanese wars – to find a way for infantry to survive on a battlefield governed not by rifles and bayonets, but by trenches, barbed wire, and machine guns.

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By Helmuth Johannes Ludwig von Moltke
Edited by Eliza von Moltke

378 pages

ISBN: 978-1927537-57-2

$32.95 Canada
$26.95 U.S.A.
£18.95 U.K.
€22.95 Europe
$34.95 Australia

A close, intimate look at Europe’s long peace and the dawn of the war that ended it.

Leading the German Army at the beginning of the First World War was Moltke the Younger – an officer who had risen through the ranks to become Chief of the German General Staff during the Europe’s long peace of 1871-1914. As his career developed, he spent time as a surveyor, climbing mountain trails with his uncle, Moltke the Elder, and became a close friend of Kaiser Wilhelm II. When he died in 1916, his wife was left with years of letters and documents.

Originally edited and published in 1922 by Moltke’s wife Eliza to redeem her husband’s reputation, this is far more than a defence of German strategy. It is an intimate and personal look at the world of the European military officer during the long peace, seen through the eyes of the man who would be tasked with ending it.

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By Joseph Joffre

Translated by Robert B. Marks

478 pages

ISBN: 978-1-927537-65-7

$38.95 Canada
$29.95 U.S.A.
£20.95 U.K.
€24.95 Europe
$44.95 Australia

Complete and Unabridged for the first time in English

Among France’s generals of the First World War, Marshal Joseph Joffre stands as one of the most accomplished and controversial. Starting his tenure as Generalissimo by modernizing the French Army, he presided over the dramatic victory at the Battle of the Marne that saved France…and the unrelenting slaughter in the trenches that followed.

In this first volume, Joffre takes command of the French Army and races to prepare it for the war to come. Then, as the German Army crosses the border and advances towards Paris, he rallies his forces and allies for one of the most dramatic moments in modern military history.

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